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 Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.0 Design & Consultation Fees Smith Sculptors have the right to charge ' Design & Consultation ' fees for any concepts they produce even when the project does not proceed. 2.0 Payments

2.1 Must be Paid on time
All payments to Smith Sculptors are to be 'made in full' within the allocated time frame as set out in the project payment schedule by Smith Sculptors.

2.2 Late Payment Charges
All payments not paid by the agreed payment schedule will incur late fees and will be charged at market rates .

2.3 3rd Party Late Payment Charges
Any costs incurred with the collection of these late payments including legal fees, court fees, collection agents fees and any other 3rd parties used by Smith Sculptors in order to collect these payments, shall also be charged to your account

3.0 Additional Costs outside Quote If the project incurs any additional costs after the Quote was issued due to unforeseen changes or circumstances to the project beyond our control, then these costs will be charged as an additional fee by Smith Sculptors.














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