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National Memorial to the Australian Army

Artists Concept



........" You wouldn't let your mate down, would you ? "


This memorial has been created to honour the courage and self sacrifice of generations of Australians who served in the Australian Army.

The central focus of the memorial is two Australian 'Diggers' representing the essential 'core' of the Army, These soldiers are depicted in a classic patrol position, the ultimate expression of the term 'mate ship'.

The sculptors secondary title for the work: ' Every Mothers Son' expresses the fact that the sculptures are symbolic of all the # sons' of Australia, be they Fathers, husbands Brothers, Sons who literally and figuratively went out on patrol to preserve the essential qualities of life, civilization and freedom that all Australians enjoy today.

The figures are set against a backdrop of seven pillars representing the seven major campaigns of the Australian Army. These pillars cross a pool of water symbolizing the fact that all these campaigns were fought overseas. The dais is a simulated reference to both the rock-face of difficult terrain over which they fought and the Australian Army Insignia of the Rising Sun.

Sculpted and cast in silica bronze by Joan Walsh-Smith & Charles Smith with the assistance of the Australian Army and in particular the officers and men of 22 Construction Squadron, Perth. Architects: Ken Maher andPartners.


Joan Walsh-Smith
Charlie Smith

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