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Artists Concept


Inspired by the many ancient 3-faced stone carvings found in Ireland and based on the concept of triplication, this work echoes the ancient forms of the Celtic World, for which the number 3 and '3 in 1 'symbolism had a powerful meaning. It is a major motif in Celtic Iconography throughout Ireland and the Continent , wherever the Celts roamed .

It is a metaphor for the tri-partrite nature if the World, as heaven, earth and water. It represents mankind, as body, soul and spirit, birth life and death; past present and future. There are numerous examples of triplication in the mythology of the Celts such as the Morigna, a triad of war goddesses and the three personifications of Ireland, Ériu, Fodla and Banbha.

In the context of this it's location at the water treatment works of a major electric power station, in the West of Ireland, this powerful Celtic symbol is linked with water, as the source of all existence. Water was of major symbolic importance to the Celts, perceived as essential to life and fertility. Healing shrines grew up around natural springs and in Christian Ireland the tradition of holy wells remains to this day. This fountain is a celebration and thanksgiving for the gift of life itself.

Set in this ancient and undevelped landscape, the form of the sculpture is intrinsically linked with the architecture of the buildings in whose forecourt it is sited.









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